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The story of CXi Software (CXi) began with the identification of a deficiency in the unit registry operations of many fund managers.


Unit registry and fund administration operations are highly regulated and can be complex, however many fund managers were using spreadsheets for their unit registry and fund administration – a practice both labour intensive and high risk – due to the lack of a decent, cost effective alternative.


There were existing systems available, but they were often a very expensive solution for the required level of functionality and they used old technology.


CXi viewed this situation as an opportunity and set out in 2015, with a small software development team, to build a new Software as a Service (SaaS) model unit registry system. Utilising latest technology, the objective was to develop a software service that is accessible to all fund managers and fund administrators regardless of size, that is scalable, flexible, offers comprehensive functionality and easily integrates with other products.


CXi now has a number of live clients and has received industry recognition with Fintech and Regtech awards.



Séamus Ó Concheanainn
Founder & Managing Director
Séamus has 26 years’ experience in Australian and global financial services as an executive and management consultant. He leverages that experience to create the vision for CXi products, and often speaks on the future of Unit Registry.
Adam Gernon
Chief Technology Officer
Adam has over 10 years’ experience in financial services technology at organisations such as NAB, Vanguard Investments and Credit Suisse, working predominately in the applications space.
Prior to CXi, Adam was General Manager, Innovation and Delivery at CenITex.
Daryl Webb
Director of Sales
The majority of Daryl's working background has involved roles based around financial market trading and risk management software systems, including Sungard Australia. Working assignments across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America have provided a wealth of experience.


CXi-Registry is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) product designed to streamline unit registry and regulatory compliance for fund managers.


CXi professional services provide project management, consulting and implementation services around the CXi-Registry product.



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