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Software as a Service (SaaS)

The CXi-Registry SaaS solution provides full end to end processing for funds management registry operations, user-friendly dashboards and reporting, and all regulatory compliance reporting requirements. The system employs latest technology, providing a controlled and secure environment for all unit registry data.

  • End to End Process

  • Reporting

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Audit & Control

  • Technology

  • Investor Portal

Software as a Service

Professional Services

CXi provide professional services around the CXi-Registry SaaS solution. Professional services include registry operations and fund administration consulting, project management, software implementation consulting and technical services.

Professional Services

Customer Support

CXi-Registry customer support provides an online ‘Service Desk’ system allowing users to easily ask questions, log issues and provide supporting documentation. A customer support phone number and dedicated email address are also available for user enquiries and issues. Customer support operates within the framework of a service level agreement.

Customer Support

CXi-Registry is an award winning member registry platform designed to deliver the best administration, management, investor and advisor experience available while never compromising on security, legislative compliance or system performance.


CXi-Registry's modular design and service-based architecture supports all forms of unit registry including party paid and stapled securities for fund managers and fund administrators.


With our investor portal, investors can login and view their accounts on any device, anywhere, anytime.

How we empower you
Real Time Dashboards

Live dashboards monitoring day to day activities, and can be customised to your needs.

The CXi Dashboard. Fund Administation Software. Registry.
Investor Portal

Allow investors to easily login and review their investment accounts on any device.

CXi Investor Portal Device Snapshot. Fund Administation Software. Registry.
Customised Reporting

Customise your report templates, styles, and number formatting.

Email straight to investors.

Streamlined Processes

From application and redemptions to fully automated distributions. 

Online ID Verification for investors and third parties.

Multiple Fund Structures

Broadest range of funds supported from Cash Management Trusts to Partly Paid and Stapled Funds.
The only system that can do Partly Paid Stapled Securities.


Intergrate application data from website forms into


   Worldwide Compliance

Manage global compliance regulation including Australian AIMR, US FATCA, Europe CRS.

Data Security

Security of your database by Amazon Web Services, which is backed up daily.

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